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Community Assessments and Tours

As communities move to make active transportation a true option for their residents and
visitors, understanding existing conditions on their streets and trails, what opportunities and
constraints are present and what options are available to address these conditions is vital.
Whether a community is looking to improve pedestrian and bicyclist access to a transit station
or to develop an active transportation plan, experiencing the environment on foot or on a bike
gives community members, municipal staff and elected officials a better understanding of what
is needed to make progress. Additionally, having the opportunity to visit communities that have
implemented the types of improvements being contemplated in a plan, can give decision
makers a better feeling for what can work in their community. Potomac and Chesapeake
Cycling specializes in coordinating these types of activities, from reviews of existing to
conditions, to assessments of micromobility opportunities, to logistics of walking and biking
tours, we are ready to help get your community moving.

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