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Active Businesses

Is your business or employer looking to enhance your workplace by improving employee health,
wellness and moral, and generally making the office a happier place? P & C Cycling could be
just the catalyst to make this happen. Organize a team building or team rewarding bike or walk
tour with all details, such as route, bike rental, and food, taken care of. Schedule regular lunch
or post-work activities , like group walks or bike rides, to provide opportunities for employees
to get moving, and motivation to stay active. Do you have employees who would like to
commute by bike? Check out the Bike Commuting section of our webpage, (add link), and have
us do an assessment of how bike friendly your office/ building can be. These are just a few
examples of how P & C Cycling can bring physical activity and the benefits this activity can
deliver to your workplace. For more information or to schedule a consult contact us here.

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