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Active Communities, Workplaces and People

"Life is like a bicycle.  To keep your balance you must keep moving"

                                                                         Albert Einstein

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About Chesapeake and Potomac Cycling

At Potomac & Chesapeake Cycling we are all about getting active.  Whether it is your community, work place or yourself we have programs and activities to get you moving.  Is your neighborhood or broader community safe and conducive for walking and biking?  What can I or my employer do to help coworkers be active and ultimately more productive?  You and your friends want to be more active in your daily life.  


Potomac & Chesapeake is here to help.

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Charlie Denney is a lifelong cyclist who has spent his professional life as a bicycle and
pedestrian planner and program manager. He has over 25 years of experience working in the
public, private and not for profit sectors, helping communities across the country become
better places for people to walk and bike. From planning and implementing bike and
pedestrian infrastructure, to developing and staffing programs to help people be more active
and walk and bike safely, he has the knowledge and insight to help you get yourself an/ or your
community out and moving.

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